Helpful Tips for Blueberry Lovers

Blueberry Tips For The Upcoming Blueberry Season

Blueberry season is going to be here before you know it. Are you ready? If you love blueberries as much as I do, these blueberry tips will come in handy during the upcoming months.

Blueberries in Season

You may know blueberry season is right around the corner, but do you know when exactly it is and when it peaks?

As a general rule, blueberries will become “in season” during the month of May. Wow! We’re already there. However, blueberry season really won’t peak until July, and the crops will then begin to lessen in bounty through October, when blueberry season ends.

So what does this mean? Personally, I have always thought that the best time to harvest (or buy) blueberries is in the month of July. Sure, the months before and after July will bring forth blueberries, but it seems that the biggest and juiciest blueberries to be had tend to come around in July.

Saving For Later

If you do get an abundance of berries during any one given month, you’ll need to store the ones you can’t use right away. Blueberries will only last a week at max if they are left unrefrigerated. If you put the blueberries in an uncovered bowl in the fridge, they’ll last about one to two weeks. If you keep them in a sealed Tupperware container, you may be able to keep them for three weeks or more.

Any blueberries that you can’t use within the above mentioned periods of time, you’ll want to freeze for use throughout the year. Make sure you put your blueberries in air-tight freezer bags to avoid freezer burn and defrost them as you need them.

Blueberries will keep in the freezer for about six to eight months. Just remember, frozen blueberries do lose some of their quality, and the flesh of the berry becomes soft with age. This won’t matter if you use the berries in baking or cooking, but if you plan on using your blueberries uncooked, then frozen blueberries may not be the answer.

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