The Pros and Cons of Home Greenhouses

7 important things to learn about home greenhouses

Home greenhouses can be wonderful for growing berries, but as with all good things in life, there are advantages and disadvantages to having home greenhouses.

Berry Jerry says the advantages of home greenhouses outweigh the disadvantages…

1. Home greenhouses enable you to grow berries even in climates that are not natural for berry growing.

2. Home greenhouses give the gardener the ability to create a climate with sufficient humidification for growing berries through the use of misters. Maintaining the humidification in the greenhouse can be important as berries need a humid climate to grow.

3. Using temperature control accessories for home greenhouses you can control the temperature inside the greenhouse so you can grow berries in and out of season, no matter where you live. If temperatures drop too low at any time, day or night, the berry plants may freeze and they won’t produce.

4. Inside home greenhouses you can plant rows of plants or bushes in the ground if the ground temperature is sufficient for growing berries, or you can plant them in containers in the greenhouse.

5. If your home greenhouse is not directly in the sun for six to eight hours a day, you may need to supplement sunlight using plant grow lights inside your greenhouse.

6. Home greenhouses can be various sizes ranging from planter boxes to full-size greenhouses. Sufficient space is needed for the greenhouse you choose; however, small, hobby greenhouses may even fit on an apartment balcony.

7. If you have to use grow lights or misters in home greenhouses, the greenhouse will need to be placed where there is easy access to electricity and water.Did you know? Gooseberries are available in many different varieties. Some are green, some whitish-gray, some yellow, and some are various shades of red, pink, purple, and sometimes even black.

Some people say that a sunroom for container gardening works just as well for growing berries as home greenhouses. While you can grow berries in container gardens or sunrooms, they do not provide the control features that enable you to control the climate, temperature and humidification that home greenhouses provide.

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