More “Berry” Good Uses for Strawberries

Making Strawberries a Culinary Staple

Strawberries may very well have more uses than you’ve ever imagined. We’ve given you some great uses for strawberries in our previous article, Strawberries for Every Occasion. Below we’re going to give you even more options for using your home-grown strawberries in your kitchen.

It’s Not Just a Breakfast Food

Strawberries are a tasty treat and are much more versatile than you might have imagined. Sure, strawberries are great in fruit salad, but what about your salad at dinnertime? That’s right you can add strawberries to a spinach salad and have an interesting, gourmet salad.

Just be careful with your choice of dressings. Use a raspberry vinaigrette but only use a small amount. Drenching your strawberry-spinach salad with blue cheese dressing just isn’t going to be appealing.

Fruit Salad Delight

Fruit salads that feature strawberries are tasty and eye appealing. I also try to limit the variety of fruits I use in a fruit salad, so I can properly showcase the strawberries. Stick to two other fruits in addition to strawberries and rotate those other fruits based on seasonal availability.

Strawberries, pineapple, and mango make a good combo. Strawberries, bananas, and grapes also make a neat trio. When I only choose two fruits for a fruit salad, I use strawberries and kiwis. Layering your fruit on skewers makes eating fun and easy.

Interesting, But Delicious

Strawberries blended with peanut butter make an interesting spread to top bagels with. This can be a bit messy, but add strawberries and peanut butter to your blender and combine. The end result will be a unique take on your usual buttered bagel.

Get Creative

You can freeze a single slice strawberry or blueberry in ice cube trays for visually appealing ice cubes. One a hot summer day you can use these ice cubes to add color to your water. Won’t your friends be impressed with gourmet ice cubes that you made yourself with your home-grown strawberries?

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