Berries: A Natural Path To Weight Loss

What You Should Know About Berries and Weight Loss

So many diets focus on what you shouldn’t eat that it can quickly become discouraging. Luckily, berries are something that you SHOULD eat, as part of both a healthy maintenance diet and a successful weight-loss diet!

Snack On Berries

Yes, convenience foods are just that: convenient. Prepackaged snacks are easy to grab and satisfy your immediate hunger. They are typically high in calories, and are nutritionally lacking, so that you are gaining minimal benefit.

Berries are nature’s convenience foods. They come in handy, succulent, bite-sized morsels. You can eat a significant volume of berries before you match the calorie content of a small volume of a prepackaged snack.

In addition, berries fulfill more nutritional needs than their prepackaged snack counterparts. They are definitely a better choice for snacks!

Choose The Strawberries Over The Chocolate

Many people make poor food choices when they are craving something in particular, such as a sweet food. Instead of choosing the chocolate, however, decide to eat the strawberries (assuming that both are options, of course!). You will satisfy your sweet tooth, but only consume a fraction of the calories.

Yes, chocolate has health benefits (if you want to focus on that aspect of it), but you will have a much healthier “sweet tooth” food if you choose the berries — and, you can have a LOT more without feeling guilty or undermining your diet!

Because they are nutritious and low in calories, berries are an ideal addition to your diet. They satisfy your craving for snacks or sweet foods, but are healthier than prepackaged foods. Eat plenty of berries, feel like you are indulging yourself, and know that you are staying firmly on the path to weight loss!

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