Dried Berries Aren’t Just for the Birds!

Great Uses for Dried Berries

If you have an indoor berry garden, you might want to consider drying some of your berries and using them for other purposes. Berries can be used for many purposes that even home berry growers fail to consider, and dried berries are oftentimes top at the forgotten treasures list.

Forget the Expensive Tea Shops

Dried berries can be used to make herbal tea. The term herbal tea refers to “tea” that is created using fruits, flowers, or things other than actual tea leaves. Many herbal teas are fruit-based, and drying the berries that you grow can provide the perfect ingredient to make your own herbal tea.

You will need a tea infuser to make tea out of your dried berries. If you buy a unit that steeps the tea, you will simply measure out about 1-1/2 teaspoons of dried berries and add eight ounces of boiling water. Steep for five minutes. If you desire iced tea, simply double both the steep time and amount of tea used.

Methods for drying berries do vary, and you’ll want to investigate and possibly experiment with several techniques until you master this process.

Eye Candy

Dried berries can be used decoratively as part of centerpieces. Decorative centerpieces that include dried fruits and flowers can really be quite a conversation piece and just think of how impressed your guest swill be when they find out you made it from your very own dried berries!

You Don’t Have to Dry Them All

For the berries that you don’t dry, consider blending some into cream cheese for a freshly created spread that can be used on bread and bagels. Spread fruit-flavored cream cheese on bread and cut into shapes using fun-shaped cookie cutters. Kids will love mini sandwiches shaped like dinosaurs or other unique shapes.

During the springtime, I love topping homemade cakes with fresh berries. It’s true that berries do really provide the perfect garnish for a fresh cake. Blueberries can be placed around the outside of a 9-inch round cake, or you can use a few berries to decorate each cupcake.

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