Using Berries to Enhance Your Home’s Winter Ambiance

Winter Decorating with Berries

Many people assume that berries are a spring thing. They couldn’t be further off the mark. Berries are a year-round “thing” as all of the readers here well know. In fact, berries are a traditional winter décor. Don’t believe me? What about holly berries? Cranberries? Box berries? You’re starting to get the picture… Here are some great ideas for decorating with berries this winter.

The Traditional Route

It’s just not Christmas without the mistletoe. This year, place mistletoe throughout your home and enhance the Christmas spirit. Just remember, mistletoe is technically a parasitic plant, so it’s not something you really want in your berry garden. It’s just something that looks nice decorating your home.

The Christmas Tree

If you want to create “all natural” Christmas ornaments for your tree, berries are the way to go. Get some dried berry plants and create pretty little snippet ornaments. You can also make ropes from dried cranberries. Forget the popcorn! Cranberries are richer looking and are easier to string. Hang them from the tree and you’ve got a look that’s sure to impress all of your holiday guests.

The Great Outdoors

We all know that the look outside of our home is just as important as the look inside. That’s why strategically placing certain plants can help turn your home into a winter wonderland. Some great winter berry plants include the Winterberry plant and the American Holly plant. They’re sure to add holiday cheer to your landscaping.

A Note of Caution

Now, decorating your home with berries is a great idea and can make for a wonderful atmosphere. Just remember, if you have pets or kids, make sure the berries around your home aren’t poisonous. The last thing you need is for your decorating berries to make someone sick.

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