Do you have what it takes to build your own greenhouse?

Practical help to decide whether or not to build your own greenhouse

Whether or not to build your own greenhouse can be a tough decision to make. When deciding if you should build your own greenhouse, there are many things to consider.

Berry Jerry offers practical advice about building your own greenhouse…

You may, like many other people, think that skill is the only thing to consider in deciding whether to build your own greenhouse, to have one built professionally, or to buy a pre-fabricated greenhouse. Undoubtedly, skill is important when you build anything, even when you build your own greenhouse.

However, there are other things to consider as well. If you plan to build your own greenhouse, making it a permanent structure, a building permit is generally required and the building authority that issues the permit will likely have requirements, building codes, which you must abide by.

If you are going to build your own greenhouse, you also have to consider safety. If you are able to build your own greenhouse within the guidelines of the building codes, and to ensure that the structure is sturdy and safe, then you probably can build your own greenhouse without a problem.

Another consideration in the build your own greenhouse versus buying a greenhouse decision is cost. Sometimes it may save you some money if you build your own greenhouse, depending upon the materials you use of course. On the other hand, greenhouse kits are not too terribly expensive, so buying and assembling a greenhouse kit yourself may actually be comparable in price to building your own greenhouse and will likely be a lot less expensive than having one built by professional contractors.Did you know? As a homeowner, you can generally get a building permit to build your own structures even if you are not a licensed contractor.

A definite advantage that may encourage you to build your own greenhouse is the simple fact that when you build your own greenhouse, you have total control over the style, type and materials used in the greenhouse construction.

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