Using a Mini Greenhouse to Grow Berries

With a mini greenhouse you really can grow berries wherever you live!

A mini greenhouse is rather inexpensive, and using one, you can grow berries regardless of where you live!

Berry Jerry’s looks at growing berries in a mini greenhouse…

A mini greenhouse is generally portable. A common size for mini greenhouses is 70” x 60” x 35”. This size mini greenhouse gives you sufficient room to grow berry plants, but it may not be sufficient for bushes, like blackberry bushes, that grow up to five or six feet tall.

You can usually walk around in a mini greenhouse to take care of and harvest your berries, though you may have to bend and stoop a lot. Of course, I prefer a full-sized greenhouse over a mini greenhouse, but that is because I grow lots of berries and I spend a lot of time in my greenhouse.

If you are just growing a few berry plants, a mini greenhouse may be perfect for you.

The main things to consider before buying a mini greenhouse are:

1. The space you have to put a greenhouse or a mini greenhouse

2. The comparable costs of a greenhouse and a mini greenhouse

3. The number of berry plants you intend to grow

4. The type of berries you wish to grow and the growing space they require

If you have sufficient space and an adequate budget, I would recommend that you purchase a full-sized greenhouse rather than a mini greenhouse. If you are anything like most people I know, you will find out quickly that you love growing berries.Fun Fact: Raspberries, blackberries and dewberries are brambles. They grow on shrub-like bushes and are rather easy to grow yourself. Growing these berries yourself makes sense since they are considered gourmet berries and can be rather expensive to buy.

You will want to grow more and more berries and a variety of different kinds. So, it is easy for your mini greenhouse to become obsolete. In my opinion, it is best to start out with more than you think you need so you have room to grow.

If you are hesitant to go for the gusto and get an incredible greenhouse due to the expense, start out growing your berries in a container garden or a small hobby greenhouse to see if berry growing is for you. Once you’ve got a little taste of it, you’ll know whether a full-sized or a mini greenhouse is best for you.

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