Natural Pest Control For Your Berries

Protect Your Berries With Natural Pest Control Methods

When it comes to berry growing, pests can really take a bite out of your crop. Fortunately, you can take measures that will protect your berries without exposing them to harsh substances and harmful chemicals. These natural pest control methods will help you keep your berries safe without any nasty side effects.

Mesh Netting

If you want to protect your berries from small birds and other berry-loving critters, you may want to consider mesh netting. Mesh netting will protect your berries without having to use any chemicals or other invasive pest control products.

Plant Garlic

Garlic doesn’t just keep vampires away! Plant garlic around your berry plants and you’ll notice a substantial decrease in pest activity.

Use Straw

Know why strawberries have the word “straw” in the name? Because farmers used to put a layer of straw on the soil where the berries were growing. Why? Because the straw acts as natural pest control for roly polies.

Instead of feasting on your berry plants, the bugs eat the straw, which is then broken down into organic matter that acts as fertilizer for the strawberries.

Fight Fire With Fire

Although there is some debate about whether using bugs to fight bugs is wise, many berry growers have found this type of pest control to be very beneficial. By placing certain bugs in your garden (bugs that don’t eat berries, but eat the bugs that do) you can protect your berries without use of any chemicals.

Cedar Shavings

Cedar makes a wonderful natural pest control since many pests can’t stand the smell of the wood. If you line your berry garden with cedar shavings or cedar chips, you can keep those pests at bay.

Electronic Pest Control

Whether or not ultrasonic pest control works is debatable, but some berry growers swear by it. By sending out ultrasonic waves, this type of natural pest control is meant to chase away rodents, ants, fleas, and other pests.

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