How Do You Know if You Need Plant Grow Lights?

Don’t waste your money on plant grow lights if you don’t need them

Plant grow lights are sometimes necessary. However, sometimes buying plant grow lights is really a waste of money. The type of berry gardening you engage in and the possibility of getting your berries into direct sunlight dictates whether or not you need plant grow lights.

Berry Jerry answers the question: “Do I need plant grow lights for my berries?”

The purpose of plant grow lights is to provide artificial sunlight when growing conditions do not provide your berry plants with adequate natural sunlight. If you are growing your berries inside in a container garden, you definitely need plant grow lights unless you can set your containers out in the sun for a sufficient amount of time each day.

As a general rule, berry plants need sunlight for six to eight hours a day. If you are growing berries in a greenhouse, or outside, and the berries get six to eight hours of sunlight a day without being in the shade too much, you don’t need plant growing lights.

However, if the area where your berry plants are planted is in the shade for part of the day, or doesn’t get direct sunlight, then plant grow lights are necessary.

When you use plant grow lights, it is nice to get the type that work on a timer. The reason for this is, the berries need light for six to eight hours a day, but they also need darkness at the end of the day.Did you know? The days are shorter in the winter than they are in the summer.

If you are growing your berries indoors, you should put your plant grow lights on a timer that will make the plant grow lights come on at daylight and turn off at sundown. This provides the best simulation of the conditions in which the berries would grow if you had the advantage of sunlight rather than having to use plant grow lights for artificial sunlight.

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