Are All Berry Juices Created Equal?

What You Need to Know About the Berry Juices In the Stores

you know that cranberry juice you bought for urinary tract health? Or that blueberry juice you bought for its powerful antioxidant properties? What if I told you that they have little to no health benefit – and may actually rot your teeth before they had any hope at all of preventing or aiding health issues? In many cases, it’s true. Juice isn’t juice at all. How do you know when you’re paying for healthy juice or colored sugar water? Here’s some things to consider…

Is It Really Juice?

Read the ingredients before you even think about buying a bottle of berry juice. If it doesn’t say 100% juice, you’re not going to get many health benefits from drinking it.

Juice Isn’t Juice

Even if you do find 100% juice, that doesn’t guarantee it’s healthy. Many of today’s berry juices are made from concentrate. That’s just not as healthy as the fresh-pressed kind. When buying bottled berry juice avoid concentrates and look for juices that are cold pressed. Only then can you be sure the nutrients from the berries have made it in tact to the bottle.

Better Yet

Better yet, don’t buy berry juices at all. Instead, buy a juicer and organic berries and juice your own berries at home. Juices made from fresh-pressed berries are the healthiest of all. You get all of the powerful health nutrients and none of the contaminants often found in store-bought juices. And you can mix and match your berry combinations to your liking.

For example, I love strawberry juice mixed with blueberry juice but it’s almost impossible to find in stores. By juicing my own I get the perfect mix of berry juices and all of the health benefits the fresh berries offer. Just make sure you have enough organic berries on hand to make at least one full cup of fresh berry juice every day.

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