Preparing Chillis for Use

Fresh Chillis
Once having conned one’s rubber gloves, chillis may be cut in half lengthways and the seeds and ribs removed. Preferably, this operation should be done under running water. The flesh can then be sliced or chopped into whatever size is needed.

Alternatively, the flesh, ribs and seeds can be minced or pulverized to make a really hot chilli sauce.

Chilli peppers, like bell peppers, benefit from skinning. There are various methods but the method given below skins and seeds the pepper at the same time.

Rinse and drain the chillis and with the point of a knife, pierce each one (once) near the stem. Put the chillis on a baking tray and place under a hot grill, turning frequently until brown and blistered all over. Wrap in a cold damp tower and leave to steam for 10 minutes. Peel off the skin, downwards in long strips, then pull off the stem and, holding the point up, squeeze the pod from the point downwards and all the seeds will squirt out.

Dried Chillis
Dried chillis can either be pulverized and used as a spice or reconstituted and used as a vegetable. To do this they need only be soaked for approximately 30 minutes in tepid water. This method can be used for whole chillis or chilli pieces.

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