Cultivated Varieties

Let’s have the Latin names please!
The most regularly cultivated peppers are those, which fall into the categories of Capsicum annnuum and Capsicum frutescens.

The species Capsicum annnuum includes most of the edible capsicums.

  • The capsicum annuum grossum is a shrubby perennial, which seldom grows more than 18 inches high. Its fruit are large glossy green bell peppers mostly used in salads.
  • The Capsicum annuum acuminatum is a slightly larger plant, also perennial, and it produces the thin conical twisted fruit that are dried and used for making various hot chilli powders.
  • The Capsicum annnuum longum, or long chilli pepper, has a drooping, red or yellow fruit, 8-12 inches in length and is normally not very hot to eat.
  • The Capsicum annnuum concordes, or cone chilli pepper, has erect and conical fruit, between 1 and 3 inches long, and very hot. Tabasco chilli as a good example of this specie.
  • The Capsicum annnuum fingerh is slim and pointed. It grows over 4 inches long, mainly in India and is used in the production of hot chilli powder.
  • The Capsicum frutescens is mainly grown in the tropics, and can reach a height of 6 feet. This species produces blunt conical fruits, which are extremely hot and acrid, main used in the production of hot cayenne pepper. The Thai Dragon is a good example of this specie.
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